Rhythm and melody are at the core of music’s beneficial magic!

Our Services are offered at:

  • Community Living Programs
  • Long term facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Private events

Services are:

One on One Singing
Requests for any genre of music will be honoured for one person and may also include family members.


Group singing (10 people and up) –
Includes any genre of music requests, hymns, gospel, English/Italian.


Bed Side Singing Palliative –
We are certified and this is upon request by person or family member. Any genre of music will be honoured.


Musical Entertainment (10 people or up) –
Sing along, dancing, tea time, coffee house or any musical entertainment requests.

Life force singing (*trademark pending) –

Singing to breathe.

Drumming circles (5 people and up) –

Facilitator and all drums will be included with service.

All services promote:
– Emotional expression
– Relaxation
– Destressing
– Distraction from pain
– Reduce depression
– Unlocking memory and kickstart grey matter which assists in dementia care
– Gross/fine motor skills

Psychosocial benefits:

– Assistance with spiritual practices
– Promotes sleep
– Elevates mood
– Heart healthy (increases serotonin and endorphin levels)
– Regulates breathing
– Reflection and meditation
– Relieving boredom
– Motivating movement
– Rekindling positive memories
– Valuable part of end of life care