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Norma Palumbo

Norma Palumbo is a compassionate sensitive person by nature with a natural inborn ability to communicate with people one on one and as a vocal artist.


Norma’s career as a hairstylist, refined her skills as a great listener, comforter and life guide. This blended with her eye for seeing beyond what was being expressed by her client through a mirror brought her to her next passion and great desire to pursue restorative health full time.


Norma did an internship with Bob Dyer and graduated with a music care certificate from Room 217.


Norma’s recovery at West Park rehabilitation hospital in 2015, involved music and singing, Norma discovered the healing power of music and was driven to continue singing one on one and in hymn sing-along, as well as volunteering in drum circles, all of Norma’s involvements at West park rehabilitation hospital has merited Norma an award as well as many accolades from patients, their families and staff.

Norma has had a lifelong passion for music. She comes from a musical family and loves to sing. Norma has performed at many venues the most esteemed performances were in November 17,2010 in” A Night Massey Hall” and May 6,2016 “Rockin the Blues Away” at Koerner Hall. Her greatest strengths come through when she is singing and connecting with patients one on one and in small groups.


Through music Norma is able to powerfully connect to patients at deep level; moreover, lifting their spirits through song allowing them to forget their challenges and enrich their day. Her infectious, loving enthusiasm and passion undeniably impact everyone in a magical way.

Michael Palumbo

Michael Palumbo is a natural musician/ percussionist. At the early age of 4 years old his grandfather gave him the gift of learning the drums. He is a third-generation musician.


During his 30-year career, as a master colourist, band/ recording drummer and music recording director, his attention to detail, his interpersonal relationship skills, married with the natural connection with colour, music, rhythm, have given him the foresight to be of service to his community. Michael did an internship with Bobb Dyer. He studies with Jonathan Goldman mastering the Healing Sound Intensive Studies.


His interest in music care came about in a very special way. Six years ago, his sister was struck by a car and along with her our whole family’s lives changed. She was on 24 months non-weight bearing and severe case of COPD. Well the family all pulled together to assist her in recovering. Michael was the early and late evening person that massaged her and stretched her, so she would have circulation and avoid bed soars. His sister is also third generation musician’s natural singer. She was determined to do what everyone said she could not and that was walk and breathe with no assistance. She researched and found West Park Rehabilitation Centre and pushed to get in and that she did! Since she had great voice, she was invited by music therapist to sing at their hymn sings, tea time and other gatherings and that is how the love affair began! Michael joined in to assist his sister and as a percussionist/musician and following that Michael was invited to join in the drumming circles at West Park on Sundays and he did and love every minute of it! They both became official volunteers and as well as assisting the patients drum, setting up and finding innovative ways to get them to play. Michael was also involved with drums in the ABI brain injury unit. In all drum circles they had experienced unexplainable miraculous, powerful and healing has occurred. They continue to volunteer and are honoured to be of service and use music to transform people’s lives.